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Quick & Easy Wire Rack 

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Quick & Easy Wire Rack 

Written By: Collin Cunningham 


Marker (1) 

Phillips head screwdriver (1) 


hand-held electric drill (1) 


Wooden dowel (1) 
curtain rod brackets (2) 


For too long my workbench has been home to a jumbled collection of miscellaneous wire 
spools. I searched a bit for a commercial solution without any luck. Then suddenly a simple 
solution came to mind - curtain rod brackets! 

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Quick & Easy Wire Rack 

Step 1 — Quick & Easy Wire Rack 

• Find a suitable place for mounting 
the rack. Close to your work area 
is usually ideal. 

• Measure the desired length you'd 
like the rack to be, and mark the 
dowel for cutting. 

• Cut the dowel to the desired length. 

Step 2 

• Mark and drill holes for the brackets using a pencil/marker. 

• Use a ruler+level for accuracy. Since I mounted mine on a shelf, I used the shelf as a 

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Quick & Easy Wire Rack 
Step 3 

• Mount the brackets in their new 

• Rod brackets usually come with 
appropriate wood screws for 
mounting. Since I mounted mine to 
metal, I used similar size nuts, 
bolts & washers I had on hand. 

Step 4 

• Thread your wire spools onto the dowel. 

• Secure the dowel in place via the bracket thumbscrews. 

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Quick & Easy Wire Rack 
Step 5 

II A bfc^^ 

to afe^ 


Jo MS 

• Done. Enjoy a more orderly 
workspace and convenient access 
to various wire types! 

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